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Shabbat Shuva: Hashem’s Ways Are Straight

The haftorah of Shabbat Shuva depicts the era of the redemption as a time of tremendous closeness and connection between Hashem and the Jewish people. The Navi tells us, “Those who return will sit in Hashem‘s shadow.” The Radak explains that the Jews will return to the land of Israel where Hashem’s presence rests. Just [...]

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Devarim Dvar Torah: Jewish History Lesson Time

In Parshas Devarim, Moshe retells the story of the travels and tribulations of the Jews in the desert to the Jews before they enter the land of Israel. The Haftorah is a scathing rebuke of the hypocrisy of the Jews at the time of the destruction of the Temple by Isaiah. The connection to Tisha [...]

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Jizz in my pants – the frum edition

Jizz in my pants is an insanely popular SNL skit (99 million views I think) about guys wasting seed and the dangers of not getting that seed where it’s supposed to go. Calm Kallahs has an entire forum about the subject. Anyway, when I thought of this I laughed real hard and kept laughing when [...]

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