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Just When You Thought the Holocaust Couldn’t Get Worse

Growing up Jewish, you know about the Holocaust. You pray for the Six Million at synagogue. Your parents or your youth group leader (or my in my case, both) take you the museums their piles of eyeglasses and locks of hair and barbed wire installations. Maybe you even have a relative who was there, who […]

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Over 60,000 use Auschwitz Memorial Page

Over 60,000 people from around the world already use the official page of the Auschwitz Memorial on Facebook. “In this manner, historical information reaches all users several times a week; frequently, it refers to specific people, particular facts from the history of the Auschwitz camp, as well as the short accounts of witnesses,” explains Paweł […]

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The Hidden Life of Otto Frank

Carol Ann Lee Publisher: William Morrow In this shocking and definitive new biography, Carol Ann Lee provides the answer to one of the most heartbreaking questions of modern times: Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis? Probing this startling act of treachery, Lee brings to light never-before-documented information about Anne’s father, Otto […]

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