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The Hanukkah Bush and Jewish Traditions

Modern Jewish families have included Hanukkah bush in their holiday decorations. A Hanukkah bush is basically a tree adorned and displayed in some Jewish homes during Hanukkah.  Often identified as a variation of the Christmas tree, the significance of displaying the Hanukkah bush has often been the subject of debates. Displaying Hanukkah bushes are generally […]

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How to Organize a Hanukkah Children’s Party

Hanukkah is a celebration of our Jewish heritage. It is a holiday that is often combined with modern traditions that sometimes its real essence is neglected. Explaining to children the essence of Hanukkah is important. For them to truly appreciate Hanukkah and their Jewish heritage, we have to explain to them what Hanukkah is and […]

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Decorating a Hanukkah Bush

Make your Hanukkah more special by creating your very own Hanukkah bush. A Hanukkah bush is a small tree decorated with ornaments. A Hanukkah bush is similar to a Christmas tree but reflects the Jewish tradition. Choose a bush. Some people use bush shaped plants, while others pick a full size tree. Artificial Hanukkah trees […]

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