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The Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt

The Modern Jewish Girl's Guide to Guilt

Ruth Andrew Ellenson

Publisher: Plume

Twenty-eight of today’s top Jewish women writers tell the truth about all the things their rabbis warned them never to discuss in public in this hilarious and provocative collection.

Includes original essays on:

• Finding (and Divorcing) the Perfect Jewish Man

• Not Calling Your Mother

• Marrying a German

• Failing to Supply Enough …

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Days of Awe

Hugh Nissenson

Publisher: Sourcebooks

This complex, compelling and exquisitely wrought novel-from a National Book Award and Pen-Faulkner Award finalist-evokes one of the most profound realizations that eventually come to us: the real understanding that we and all those we love are going to die.

Artie Rubin, author of illustrated books of mythology, has reached the age of 67. His friends …

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A Passover Haggadah: As Commented Upon by Elie Wiesel

A Passover Haggadah: As Commented Upon by Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel, Elie Wiesel, Mark Podwal (editor)

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

With this Passover Haggadah, Elie Wiesel and his friend Mark Podwal invite you to join them for the Passover Seder — the most festive event of the Jewish calendar. Read each year at the Seder table, the Haggadah recounts the miraculous tale of the liberation of the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt, …

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A Night to Remember - The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices

A Night to Remember - The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices

Haggadahs-R-Us, Noam Zion (editor), Mishael Zion (editor), Michel Kichka (illustrator)

Publisher: Zion Holiday Publications

This one is different! —

And it can make a real difference at your Seder.

156 pages

full color, soft cover

Table Talk. Bring this haggadah to the table and turn your Seder into a lively exchange of ideas. Full of triggers for reflection and discussion.

A Seder …

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Rising to the Light: A Portrait of Bruno Bettelheim

Theron Raines

Publisher: Knopf

In 1983, after years of trying to persuade Bruno Bettelheim to write his autobiography, Theron Raines, his friend and literary agent, himself undertook to tell the life of the renowned but often controversial child psychologist. With no thought of writing a conventional biography, Raines began a series of interviews in which Bettelheim reflected at length …

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Divided Lives: The Untold Stories of Jewish-Christian Women in Nazi Germany

Cynthia A. Crane

Publisher: St. Martin’s

This book brings together the horrifying real life stories of women who woke up one day and were not who they thought they were. The government changed and they suddenly no longer had the right kind of blood, the right name, the right family background, the right physical features to be considered a member of society, city, or state. These …

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Stars of David: Rock’N'Roll’s Jewish Stories

Stars of David: Rock'N'Roll's Jewish Stories

Scott R. Benarde

Publisher: Brandeis University Press

A fascinating look into how Judaism has shaped and influenced the makers of rock music over the past fifty years.

What Grammy-award winning band’s Jewish members recite kiddush before their Friday night concerts? What member of a world-famous band blows the shofar at his synagogue on the High Holy Days? What famous rock musician …

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