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The Purpose of Sitting Shiva

Shiva is the Jewish period of mourning observed the first week after the funeral of a parent, spouse, sibling, or child. From the time of death until the conclusion of the funeral, the primary focus and concern is on the care of the deceased and the burial preparations. Once shiva begins, the focus shifts to […]

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Jewish Shiva: the first seven days of mourning

Shiva is a week long period of mourning done immediately after the funeral of a close relative which includes the father, mother, siblings, sons, daughters and spouse; they assume the role of “Halakhic” from the Hebrew word, which means mourner. Shiva is simply the Hebrew word for seven. The seven-day period of mourning gives the […]

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Shiva - Seven Days Mourning

Shiva means “seven” in Hebrew . In the Jewish tradition, Shiva refers to the seven days of mourning which begins immediately after the funeral of a love one. This custom was said to come from one of the verses in Genesis, where Joseph mourns the death of his father Jacob for a week. In Jewish […]

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