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How to Start a Kosher Catering Business

Kosher catering business is now a big business. Jews observe many holidays and festivals and festive meals are often part of the celebration. Prior to starting your kosher catering business it is important to check the area you will be serving. Are there big Jewish communities in your area? It is also important to check [...]

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Levana’s Table

Kosher Cooking for Everyoneby Levana KirschenbaumIllustrated by: Ann Stratton ‘Tu vieilliras avant l’age [you will be old before your time],’ Levana Kirschenbaum’s Moroccan mother warned her when she chose to go into the catering business. This dire prediction hasn’t come true. That the woman who has delighted New Yorkers for two decades with her bakery, [...]

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Julia’s Kitchen

Cara Segal is a born worrier. She figures her worrying works like a whisper in God’s ear – if Cara’s concerned about car crashes, kidnappings, or murders, she lets God know, and he always spares her. But Cara never thought to worry about a fire. And one night while she’s sleeping at a friend’s house, [...]

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