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Guest Etiquette on Bar Mitzvah

Have you  been invited to a Bar Mitzvah? If it is your first time to attend one, it is very important to learn about the proper Bar Mitzvah etiquette. Maintaining proper decorum when attending such occasion will make a good impression on your host and will spare you from embarrassment. The most important part of Bar Mitzvah is [...]

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Steps to Dancing the Horah

Horah is a traditional dance in Jewish weddings, bat mitzvahs, and bar mitzvahs. Many Jews refer to it as the unofficial king of the Israeli folk dances. The Hora is originally a Romanian folk dance and was brought from Eastern Europe by Jewish immigrants. In the past Hora was danced in the Kibbutzim and small [...]

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Bar Mitzvah Dance - Have both Traditional and Contemporary

It is important to implement traditions in your son’s Bar Mitzvah reception. One way you can do this is through the Bar Mitzvah dance. Although it is popular these days to simply play contemporary music, it also is a good idea to include some of the traditional dances. It is easy to incorporate traditional dances [...]

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