Uncle Moishy: Our Bar Mitzvah Celebration Vol. 13

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Uncle Moishy: Our Bar Mitzvah Celebration Vol. 13Uncle Moishy & the Mitzvah Men

Mazel Tov! This recording features 10 great new kids’ songs highlighting Middos and Derech Eretz. Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men are proud to celebrate out Bar Mitzvah edition with all our friends around the world! As we continue to do Mitzvos and learn Torah, our celebration never ends!

Label: Suki and Ding, 2004Track Listing
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1. Say Hi!
2. It’s a Mitzvah
3. I Love Brachos
4. Welcome
5. Sharing
6. Exercise
7. I Honor My Parents
8. Mazel Tov!
9. Shalom
10. Finale

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