Judaism in a Nutshell: Passover

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Judaism in a Nutshell: PassoverAn Easy-to-Use Guide for People who are Long on Curiosity, but Short on Time.
by Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf

If you’ve ever wondered . . . What’s the big deal about the seder? What does Passover have to do with me, anyway? And what’s with all those frogs? . . . Then this book is exactly what you need. Read it and you will experience Passover like never before.

Filled with easy to understand explanations of everything from the four questions to Passover dishes, from Kosher for Passover ketchup to shmura matzah. Presents a clear, step by step guide to all the essentials of the seder. Highlights the most well known portions of the Haggadah and explores their timeless ideas about the meaning of Jewish life. And much, much more!(96 Pages)

Publisher: Jewish Literacy Foundation, 2003

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